Starlight Shores 1.3 Major Update Out Now!

Starlight Shores 1.3 is officially available on both Steam and itchio!

Our team is incredibly excited to launch and has been working hard to develop this update over the winter months.

We hope that you enjoy your time in Seaside!

If you haven't read our previous posts teasing the update, here are the quick details...

-New CGs

-New Background Artwork

-Quality of Life Adjustments

Please note that while unlocked gallery items will remain consistent between platforms, players should never try to access itch files via Steam, or vice versa.

We cannot guarantee the stability of mid-game files from previous versions of Starlight Shores. We encourage you to create a new save file for Version 1.3 and skip to where you left off!

Demo save files may appear in-game, but an incompatible with the full version. Attempts to use previous save files will most likely end in error screens popping up. If you’d like to skip to your previous place, just enable skipping unseen dialogue until you find your most recent choice menu!

 Have a great day and stay safe.

-The Delphinium Interactive Team

Files 292 MB
May 07, 2021 257 MB
May 07, 2021
StarlightShores-1.3-linux.tar.bz2 262 MB
May 07, 2021

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nice, time to replay and get a new ending !