Starlight Shores Launch Day!

It's time for the Starlight Shores Launch Day Devlog!

The full version of Starlight Shores is now available for purchase on for Mac, Windows, and Linux!

Please note that demo save files may appear in-game, but an incompatible with the full version. Attempts to use previous save files will most likely end in error screens popping up. If you’d like to skip to your previous place, just enable skipping unseen dialogue!

Our team is incredibly excited to launch and has been working hard to develop this game over the past eight months. We hope that you enjoy your time in Seaside!

Interested in being part of the Starlight Shores community? Follow us on Twitter @TidalBlossoms or join our Discord today!

Have a bug or issue to report? Please join our Discord and visit the Bug Report channel!

Team Credits:

Sam Kerr- Creative Director and Lead Developer

Liah Momiji- Creative Director, CG & Character Artist

Tanuma San- CG & Background Artist

Alcaknight- Lead Composer

BackgroundTK- Outdoor Background Artist

Re.Alice- Logo Designer

Andrew Tsan- UI Designer

A special thanks to Uncle Mugen, CC backgrounds were from his lemmasoft page!


Keep an eye out for updates regarding future DLC… have a great day and stay safe.

-The Delphinium Interactive Team

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Oct 30, 2020
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Oct 30, 2020

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