Starlight Shores 1.3 Sneak Preview + Steam Release Info

Starlight Shores is getting a major update on May 7th, 2021.

This will coincide with our Steam launch, which our team is so excited for!

This content update includes new CGs, background art, and some quality-of-life improvements. Today we’re sharing some sneak previews of the upcoming changes...


First off, we have this updated scene by BackgroundTK.

The initial 3D background was created by Uncle Mugen on the LemmaSoft Forums and is a Creative Commons asset. Although we loved the tropical feel of the environment he designed, we wanted to have a more cohesive theme to our artwork. BackgroundTK drew inspiration from Uncle Mugen’s original design and created this beautiful background.


Next, we have a new CG reveal!

This artwork was created by MintsTea, our background and CG artist. Theo, Erika, and Lena are quite the trio and we felt they deserved their own bonfire CG!

Finally, our quality-of-life updates include a reworked CG Gallery.

When CGs are unlocked, the thumbnail will show a preview of what you’ve seen.

That’s all we have to share for now, stay healthy and stay safe!

-The Delphinium Interactive Team

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Looks great! Can't wait for the Steam release/update!