A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Graveyard Girls is a Spooktober 2021 Visual Novel Game Jam Submission!

"Grief isn’t a low. It’s a terrifying high, atop a mountain I never climbed."

Visiting her father's grave on Halloween was never the plan, but inexplicably, Elle finds herself drawn to the local cemetery.

Hoping to find a semblance of closure, she arrives at his graveside with a notebook clutched to her chest.

Sitting against his headstone, Elle talks to her dad for the first time in years. 

Drowning in a downpour of memories, she closes her eyes and focuses on breathing.

Daylight slips away, but before Elle can leave, a stranger approaches.

When Elle and Lucia meet on Hallows Eve, two grieving worlds collide...


- Collect Elle’s “Scribbles” and learn about her struggles

- Beautiful Girls on Halloween!

- Conversations about grief and normalizing questions about death

- Subtle romantic tones

- 14,000 Words

Team Credits:

Lead Developer & Creative Director- Sam Kerr

CG Artist & Creative Director- Pommuu

Sprite Artist- MintsTea

Musical Composer- Dalton Attig

Background Artist- Waikikired

Logo Designer- Gwynne Moore/GSE Studios

UI Artist- Pommuu

CG Artist- MelonPanne

UI Programmer- Bunni

Additional Graphic Design- Andrew Tsan

Delphinium Interactive
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
AuthorDelphinium Interactive
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, Cute, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Halloween, Lesbian, LGBT, Romance, Story Rich, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


GraveyardGirls-1.1-mac.zip 120 MB
GraveyardGirls-1.1-pc.zip 154 MB
GraveyardGirls-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 137 MB
GraveyardGirls-1.2-linux.tar.bz2 172 MB
GraveyardGirls-1.2-mac.zip 155 MB
GraveyardGirls-1.2-pc.zip 189 MB

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Thank you for this beautiful game.


Just played the Steam version yesterday and recorded a playthrough. This was reeaally good! I'm leaving some spoiler-ish stuff after the video "break":

Okay so I'm wondering if maybe Elle's mother blames Elle for her father's death and if that's why she's so cold to her? Either way it's not her fault-- it's just a tragic circumstance. I liked how you included a glimmer of hope at the end, too. The budding romance thing so soon after a loss could have been a tricky plot point, but I think you handled it well and made it believable within the short time frame in which the story takes place. Great work!

Sorry if this sounds weird, but I barely believe you pulled off this concept as well as you did. It really tells a lot about the quality of your writing. From the title I expected something a bit more strange and metaphorical, but the depiction of grief and the dialogue that was actually there was way beyond what I was hoping for. Hope you'll find many more readers on Steam & with your future projects. :)

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This game got me in my feelings Ima be honest. 

I also think I got a secret ending where you see Elle in bed because I haven't seen anyone else get that. Pretty cool game🐣


My dad is older (turning 70 this year) and recently told me that after this recent set of treatments he would not choose to continue if his cancer came back. Now his cancer is a "better" cancer to have usually only comes back every 5-10 years and would take that same amount of time to kill him. And he jokingly said he would probably die of something else by then. I respect his choice his treatments are painful and invasive. But having a limit on the amount of time you have with someone. It's...I don't have the right words for it. My dad might not live until my 30th birthday he most likely won't live to see me turn 40. It feels far away but so close knowing exactly how limited I am with my time with him. Which is why I cried so hard playing this game. It made me think about the people in my life to who I can talk. I'm scared sometimes for the future, but I'm really thankful to this game for reminding me that I don't have to face it alone. It made me cry, laugh, smile, and cry a bit more but I don't regret playing it. Thank you Delphinium Interactive for making this. The art is beautiful, and the characters feel like real people. I can't believe it's free. I'm definitely going to play this again and cry. I'm going to go tell my dad I love him.


Everything about this game's page makes it seem like just another yuri VN with serious themes thrown in as an afterthought. I only decided to play this game out of boredom, so of course I was completely blindsided when it turned out to really be something special. The writing is so well done that despite not having experienced loss like this I still felt deeply connected to the characters. The conversations between the two women are filled with very real and personal emotions in such a natural way that it never seems like the developer is speaking through them. The art and music perfectly complement the story and never seem out of place or inappropriate. I'm glad I gave this game a chance, because you've all done some excellent work on it.


These are the kinds of comments that make me so happy for our entire spooktober team. Thank you for leaving such a detailed write-up on your experience, and thank you for giving Graveyard Girls a chance!


dang, must be a good game i downloaded right after i read this comment. 


thank you for making this. it's been almost 40 years since i lost my sister, and still this conversation had me suddenly standing back at her grave, feeling very alone in the midst of all the people at the funeral. i cried tears again, and perhaps learned a little bit more about myself today.

Apologies for not responding to this lovely comment sooner, thank you for leaving such a personal message. 

When I made this game, I hoped the story would connect with those who had experienced such intense loss in their lives. Sending you positive thoughts.


Although I have not had to deal with intense grief in my life yet, I do struggle with anxiety about death and losing my loved ones, and so this novel hit me like a murder of furious trucks on a highway.

It made me despair, cry, smile, hope - all at the same time - together with its characters. The way it weaves such extreme and often opposite emotions in a realistic fashion is its highlight, and could only have come from personal experience.

I extend my thanks to the creators for challenging this difficult, yet important, topic. This piece of art will definitely stay lodged in my brain for years. Awe inspiring. 

Oh, and the yuri pairing (this is technically a yuri game, right?) is unfittingly, but welcomely cute.


The focus here is on grief as experienced by a young adult. Obviously, people in other stages of life would be affected differently. The novel even hints at it with the mother character. 

It is interesting to think what a story like this would look like if it dealt with, say, children - "Kindergarten Girls". Could "Retirement Home Girls" offer the same hopeful ending? I like to think that it could.

Technical(?) issue (version 1.1):

Why is there a noise in the background of "Scribbles" - the music played in the main menu? At first, I thought it was an audio glitch, but I checked the .ogg file, and it is present there too. Is this intentional? It sounds horrible...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, it is truly appreciated. You are correct, this game is made from personal experiences with grief.

On the technical issue, I'm having trouble figuring out what the background noise you've mentioned is. I had a listen and couldn't locate anything amiss. Could you describe it or reach out on our Discord? You'll find it listed on our Linktree here :)


I learned that the noise is intentional — simulates the sound of a music box's clockwork. Which means that the novel has no technical issues.


And the song was replaced with a better-sounding version in the update 1.2.

The novel is now perfect in my opinion.

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A short (1-2 hour) visual novel which captures grief using raw, hard-hitting prose, with gentle emotional touches filling the moments in between. Highly recommend.


Please, play Graveyard Girls. It is a realistic yet hopeful depiction of grief both fresh and old. The way it explores even the small parts of losing a loved one that normally go unnoticed was incredibly refreshing. In addition to its solid storytelling are beautiful CGs that only add to the experience. This visual novel is a hidden gem that deserves at least an afternoon's worth of attention.


I was anticipating playing this game because the art looks so fantastic. The CGs are amazingly polished! I was absolutely not disappointed and the story has a lot to offer. It's very gentle in guiding you through Elle and Lucia's grief, in a really realistic way. Really well done!


Wonderful game, filled with realism, tough topics brought to life in a careful way, and ultimately heart warming.


This is a beautifully-written game. I think it was really good at describing loss and the many ways people respond to it. It was an experience that was very emotional, told in a way that felt comforting. Thank you for creating this.


Wow, that was raw and beautiful. You can tell the story means a lot to the developers, they knew exactly what they wanted to say with this game. I have a feeling I'm going to keep thinking about this story for a very long time. Thank you for making this game!


A lovely and touching visual novel. <3

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Thank you for making this. I lost my dad 5 years ago so this feels really close to home. Just like Elle, he never knew I finish college either. Even though I loved him most, I buried my emotions, but after playing this, I remembered all the good times after all these years.

What a beautiful game.


Thank YOU for taking the time to leave such a touching comment. This game is dedicated not just to Sam's dad, but to the memory of all dad's gone too soon <3 sending a big hug your way.