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Awww, why has this been cancelled?


Honestly, it's not the style of visual novel I'm interested in making at the moment. I'm focusing on shorter, free, and story rich projects for the time being!

I see. Best of luck in whatever else you're working on, then. <


This game is amazing! Will it still be continued? I really wanna know the whole story :D

Hi there! I’m so glad you enjoyed Tidal Blossoms 😊

Unfortunately, it’s not the style of game that I intend to make anymore.

If you’re interested, Starlight Shores is a finished game that takes place in the same town/cottage! My other project Graveyard Girls features a more serious tone, but it’s in the same universe and 100% free.

For some reason, I can't run the game. When I try to run the app on my PC, it just pulls up a textbox with code.


Looking forward to when this game comes out in full! We just finished the demo the other day and we really enjoyed the characters, CGs, music, everything!


Thank you for leaving us a review, it's very appreciated! Our team worked hard to create an island-aesthetic and it's nice to see that our artists work is noticed :) If you enjoyed Tidal Blossoms, we highly recommend you check out Starlight Shores. It's our secondary project and it's launching this fall!


I don't know if this game is still in active development or not but I just wanted to say I really really enjoyed the demo. The characters felt real and genuine instead of cliche and boring like in other romance VNs. The art was also super pretty and the atmosphere was really relaxing. With the cellphone it would be pretty interesting if in the full game you could actually use it throughout the game. Like you could call or text the other characters and have random little conversations with them. It would be an interesting thing to add since other VNs don't do things like that.


Hi there, thank you for dropping by and leaving this comment :) I really appreciate you taking the time to leave this kind of encouragement! 

Right now, Tidal Blossoms is on pause because I'm making a short prequel called Starlight Shores (also available on that is launching this fall. If you enjoyed Tidal Blossoms, you might also like Starlight Shores. It's lighter and shorter story-wise, but takes place in the same universe.

Tidal Blossoms will be revisited in time, and we will be overhauling the story and artwork in a subtle way. All of our artists will stay on, but they've improved their skills over the past year and we'd like the assets to reflect that. 

To keep up with our latest news regarding both projects, you can follow us on Twitter (@TidalBlossoms)! We post frequent updates on that account.

Again, thank you for this comment. It brightened my day!


Aww I'm glad my comment brightened your day! I'm happy to hear that your still working on this game. I'm really excited to see what the final product will look like. I'm going to check out your other game too. I'll probably like it as well. When they come out I'm definitely going to be buying them.

The Linux download seems to be broken: clicking on it opens the download popup, as with the other platforms, but no file-saving dialogue appears. :/

(This was observed under Ubuntu Linux 18.04.4, using Firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit))

Thank you for providing this information and we're sorry to hear that you experienced this issue. We will be updating this demo after Starlight Shores launches and be keeping this error report in mind when the time comes. 

Fair enough! I'm glad if the report helps. ^_^

Are you working on a new update soo

We will be updating Tidal Blossoms with a longer demo after our NaNoRenO project Starlight Shores launches in Summer 2020!

It takes place in the same universe as Tidal Blossoms, at the same summer cottage that Damon lives in :)

Hi! I've played a bit of the demo (not completed it), and I have some feedback and suggestions: 

1. Where in the world is this story set? The names are English, but I see kanji on the bedroom wall.
2. Each line of text fades in. IMO fading text should be disabled when text speed is maximum - or there should be some other option to disable this. I set text speed to maximum because I want to be able to read quickly, so this annoys me.
3. There appears to be no way to reliably activate the cell phone by keyboard - you need to mouse-click it, as far as I could tell. At least, I could not close that text message with the keyboard.
4. Is the cell phone supposed to stay in the upper left corner forever?

Best regards

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, it's very appreciated. 

Tidal Blossoms takes place in a fictional world, and the kanji in the bedroom is just a tribute to the Japanese anime and games that have helped inspire this project.

I'll look into the fading text issues. Tidal Blossoms requires a mouse to play, and clicking it while reading text will speed things up and fix the cell phone issues. 

The cellphone will be more important and interactive during the full game so it is meant to stay in your view permanently.

Thanks again!


Mia is best girl, you can't change my mind


I played it a few times, it was really interesting. It's everything I like in these types of games. I can't wait to see what's next!


I loved the game so far! The choices are perfect and the girls are pretty interesting, I like MC's personality too! Can't wait for the full game release!

Thank you so much :) I really appreciate the feedback! 

I have a few questions to ask will there be any DLC for this game?

Hi there! 

First of all, thanks for dropping in and asking some questions. We are grateful for your interest in the game! :) 

At the moment we are focusing our time and energy towards finishing the game, so although there will absolutely be DLC for Tidal Blossoms, exactly what it entails is to be determined. We have some ideas that are not concrete decisions yet. 

No worries I was wondering if there will be any growth effects with the girls in the game.

Also have you thought about growth effects for this game. Examples of these effects are from Growth Academy and Time Tenshi to show you. I just thought I ask.